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Here we go, our first blog post!

We've decided that Wishlist Material is ready for its own blog. Why?

So you can get to know us better, and more importantly so that we get to know you better. Our blog posts will give you an insight on the people behind Wishlist Material, the designers we work with, how and where our products are manufactured and why we do what we do.

Having only launched our webshop one month ago we are still newbies in everything we do, which is pretty exciting but it also makes us very curious to know your opinion about Wishlist Material. That's why we want to make this blog a place where you can share your thoughts. Tell us what you think of the way we work, the products we offer or simply say hi. We are looking forward to hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment or send an email to

That said, there is more to the title: Here we go, back to Indonesia! 

In less than 24hrs I will be on a plane to Bandung, the first stop of many! We've been to Indonesia in March and we have met some incredibly inspiring designers with which we are now going to work on the next lifestyle collection. 

I assume you can already guess what the next blog post will be about... In the meantime you can follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook

P.S.: On the webshop you can find the bracelets which we brought back from our last trip, together with other new lifestyle items. Check it out and don't forget to let us know what you think.

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Wishlist Material Blog | Here we go